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New cage idea! great for starters
« on: April 17, 2002, 12:54:07 PM »
I went to walmart to find an easier cage for my ratties. I was looking at the plastic bins and got a couple of the rubbermade snap lock lid clear bins. I cut the center of the lids out and attached wire to the lid to make a wire opening in the top of the cage.

These are great for prego mothers, temp cages, and quarantine cages. They are really easy to clean, I use old t'shirts and other cloth pieces for bedding and it works great.

I was going to move up to buying one of those plastic bin shelving units that cost like 30-40 bucks, cut openings in the sides and front of the cages and the bottoms so that they could go from each bin to the next.  ;)
Then when I was going to clean the cages out. I would isolate the rats in one bin, and take the others out, wash them in the bath tub, quick and easy, no big wire cage to deal with, it looks great!  ::)

So easy to clean, cheap, easy to use, no worries about unsanitary conditions cause it is so easy to clean, you can use cloth bedding easily, just take it out 2 times a week and throw it in the washer. so much less expensive than store bought litter, and the rats like it better.  :D it even controls odor better I think.

If I do end up getting the shelving unit and fixing it up, I'll post pictures here showing you guys how to do it, where to get the supplies, and what it looks like after it is done. ;D

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