Author Topic: Outstanding babies available in Southern California  (Read 5660 times)

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Outstanding babies available in Southern California
« on: April 18, 2002, 01:26:32 PM »
I have a couple babies left from recent litters, they are almost six weeks old and simply as sweet and calm as can be. All of them are instant bruxers, and extremely comfortable around humans, and most different situations.

In fact I took one of the babies with me to Venice Beach the other day and he fell asleep on my lap while I was getting my hair done.

Standard Agouti Berkshire (Male)

Comes from my best line, very very sweet and licky, has a nice deep walnut coat.

Standard Black Berkshire (Male)

The agouti's brother, extremely calm and content to sit with you for most of the day!

Standard Beige Berkshire (Male)

Also the agouti's brother. Gorgeous coat! An unbelievable pleasant orangish color. Great personality, too.

Hairless Black Broken Hooded (Male)

Comes from good lines, a real sweetheart...will be entirely hairless.

The Agouti and the Berkshires have simply the most beautiful bulging round eyes! It's something you definitely have to see in person, it adds so much character to their appearance.

I am located in Los Angeles County California.

For more information or pictures you can email me at

I'll try to have pictures posted here in a little bit.

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