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--- Quote from: hyper_muse on October 09, 2004, 09:33:24 PM ---As for tailess rats, thats just sick the people who will dock a rats tail. When they are bred normally then fair enough. But you dont go out and chop off your rats tail.
I personally have never seen a tailess rat. Only in photos.
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I've seen three.  One lost its tail due to an accident when he was young (so I was told).  The other two were mine, and were bred/born that way.  You could definitely tell the difference.  The boy who lost his tail looked exactly like any other rat, except that he didn't have a tail (just a stump).  The two girls that were born that way had rat faces, but they were shaped like guinea pigs, and they had butts (a crease where the tail would otherwise be).

Well, actually, I should say that one girl still has a guinea pig shape & butt, because that is my Kunoichi.  I can try to post a picture of her, if you like. 


EaglesEye Rattery:

--- Quote from: BadRattitude on October 08, 2004, 01:56:06 AM ---Yes, the main one is a simple recessive, however birth-defects to tails are common also.  A true tailless will come from a line with past tailless members.

Bad Rattitude Rattery

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Tailless has proven MANY times to not be a simple recessive...  as an example test breedings done with differnt lines breeding tailless to tailless DOES NOT produce all tailless offspring.

There are many variables in the tailless gene, and it seems to be more than one gene that causes the mutation.

EaglesEye Rattery:
I've owned tailless for a few years and currently have three (Including a baby recently unexpecently born in one of my litters) and ADORE them!  I swear they have a disposition all to their own- MUCH more goofy than most rats!!

True tailless is caused by unknown recessive genetics and there CAN be health issues in the lines but those have been pretty well bred out through decades of dedicated, strict breeding.  My tailless kiddos move around, play and climb like any tailed rats!

Twiggy who won reserve BIS at a show in CA last year

Itsy climbing on a jacket to show how agile she is *G*
Itsy is the first DownUnder tailless dumbo ever known to exist (correct me if I'm wrong those in Europe!!)

There ARE tailless rats in Australia just don't seem to be too common.  A good general article on tailless can be found here: http://www.rmca.org/Articles/tailless.htm

I personally ADORE my tailless and spend a lot of time with Marianne of UCVR's tailless kiddos who are AWESOME!  I swear that even within litter siblings the tailless rats display differnt personality traits!  They are VERY clown like, goofy and intelligent!! 

about the tailless rats

Need to be careful to make sure they will not climb anywhere because unlike a tailed rat,if they accidentaly fall, they will not land on their feet.  They use their tail to balance themselves in midair for a proper safe landing :)

My "tailless" (he isn't fully tailless-- he has a lil stub of tail about an inch long), Stubb, is a complete klutz compared with my other rats. I try to keep him from climbing more than a couple feet off the ground at any given time because he is not so adept when it comes both to keeping his balance and jumping (he constantly overestimates how far he can leap). He's never hurt himself, but I feel as if I need to watch him constantly when he's out of his cage.  I'm not entirely sure how much of the clumsiness is due to lacking a tail, and how much of it is due to Stubb just being a very silly boy.  :)

Other than his little jumping problems, he's very healthy and has a very sweet disposition. He hasn't been sick once since I adopted him as a rescue back in February. He's a little bit smaller than my other boys that are about the same age as he is, but he's strong and active.


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