Author Topic: 7 month old cat for adoption in Las Vegas, NV  (Read 2222 times)

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7 month old cat for adoption in Las Vegas, NV
« on: January 04, 2005, 01:42:38 AM »
I found Tora-kun on Christmas Day huddled and shivering against my front door.

Every shelter, rescue and sanctuary I called in the phone book and those not in the phone book were full. (There were at least a dozen. . . )

He's 7 months old, weighing a bit over 5 pounds (a little heavy according to the vet).
He's had his first set of shots, and was negative on FELV, FIV, ear mites and worms.
He still needs his second set of shots and a neuter.
He's currently on Clavamox and needs eye drops for an eye infection in his right eye.
A follow up appointment is on the 15th.

He uses the litterbox just fine, and eats and drinks just fine.
Once the respiratory and eye infections clear up he'll be in good health.

He still has some kitten tendencies, but overall he's very sweet and likes to just sit on your lap while you're doing stuff. He deals with children very well. Of course, scritches and pettin's are a requirement. He loves getting attention and just wants to be loved.

He wants to meet our cat Kittyrat, but is currently unable too until the vet gives the all clear.

If our place were bigger we'd keep him. (Though we're not sure if he and Kittyrat would get along since they only paw at each other under the door.)

I'll update you on the follow up visit to the vet.

I forgot to post pics:

He kept blinking, but he's got green eyes.

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