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Julius the masher
« on: February 15, 2005, 09:34:25 AM »
We're having a problem with Julius, our 8-9 month (?) kitten.

Quick background: He was found in a mailbox last summer, nearly died, nursed back to health, kinda small for his presumed age, neutered, and he's had some anger issues.  Like he'll bite you in the face with no provocation.  We've just learned not to let him get that close.

His latest issue is that he gets in bed with my four year old daughter, starts out kneading her leg (which I've seen many cats do), then he flattens his ears and mashes his pelvis into her leg.  I've never had a cat do this.  At first it was sporatic, but now he's waking her up once or twice a night. "MOM! Get him off of me!" at 2 a.m. is not fun for any of us.  He gets all whiney/growly when he's interrupted, if that's any clue as to what's going on.

Two questions:  Could he still have one testicle that got missed?  I wondered that before, since he's so aggressive.  I mean, who knows what he went through before he was rescued, but too much testosterone might explain some of his behavior.

The second question is how do we stop this?  If we shut her door, or any door for that matter, he claws at it incessantly and wakes everyone up. 

I've had cats my whole life, but this boy has all kinds of behavior issues.  He doesn't cover his poop, he beats on one of my other cats, he's a biter, door scratcher, food stealer, rat aggravater, etc.  I am trying to tackle one problem at a time, but this pelvis grinding has jumped to the front of the line.  We've had him since summer, and there isn't anything new going on that might have triggered a new behavior.  Any ideas?