Author Topic: *pic* My old grey Mog  (Read 1735 times)

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*pic* My old grey Mog
« on: March 01, 2005, 12:54:23 PM »
This is a picture of my beloved old grey mog, Mo.  She went to the Bridge about 4 years ago when she was 17.  I won't go into the whole story as I still get upset about it and feel let down by the vets.

She went through a lot with me.  I always knew who was boss and it never was me.  I feel I occasionally made it to the rank of her equal, but she might not agree with that.  She didn't seem to like many other animals very much, and only tolerated certain people.

This picture is Mo among the Mimulus and was taken not long before she left.  It's a digital photo I took of a photo, cos no scanner at the moment - so not great quality.  I love the colours and I love that she looks so lovely against them - and actually didn't look too shabby considering she wasn't much longer for this side.  The photo doesn't really show her beauty (have to try and find some better ones) - she was a beautiful silver grey tabby.  In certain light she almost looked lilac.  She was a character!

Nicky&her beloved furries xx
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Re: *pic* My old grey Mog
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2005, 01:55:02 AM »
*hugs* That character is very evident in that photo. Very beautiful.
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