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Nimbus needs a home *Painesville, OH*
« on: March 13, 2005, 02:42:06 PM »
Nimbus was the last of the strays we took in. Everyone else was able to find loving homes.  He's turned down home after home so Rob and I figured we'd give him a shot and see if he can work it out with our three original cats. Well, things aren't going great here and we need to make the realization that things just aren't going to get better and need to find him a home where he can be happy.

Our one cat, Neko is continually spraying and peeing in random areas in the apartment, and the stress of Nimbus being here has caused his UTI to surface recently. I don't want to get rid of him, but we're just not looking at things realistically. IN reality, we just cannot handle a fourth cat, and if we move, finding another place to rent that will let us have our three, let alone four, will be nearly impossible. So, in making a sacrifice, we have to find Nimbus a final home filled with love and a long, happy life.

Nimbus is a gorgeous cat. He is a smoke tabby with some stray, random white hairs throughout his coat. He has dark yellow/green expressive eyes and he has a hug personality! He is a spaz at times, but then again he's still a kitten. He is estimated to be born on/around Aug.28, 2004. At the moment he is six months old and at this point, I can say it looks like he's going to be a very big cat!! He loves to play with just about anything he can find. He loves cat toys and cat nip, he loves to meow for attention. he will often wander around and talk to whoever or whatever he can find. He even makes little sounds when he sleeps.

Nimbus is great with other cats. He loves to interact with them and has even shown our female cat what its like to run around and be a kitten again! He demands attention from our other cat, Tommy. He will throw himself into Tommy's lap and force himself onto him until Tommy cleans him. He has never shown any aggression towards our cats, but he has a very big prey drive. He will hound the mice cages and watch them for hours, so he should not be around any small animal even under supervision. His drive is extremely high!!

If you live in the area or surrounding areas and are interested please pm or email me at
We want to find him the best home possible. He'll probably do best around older kids and we're unknown ho he'll react around dogs. We feed him Wellness cat food. A small adoption fee is being asked to cover costs.