Author Topic: Kitties looking for good home (pics!) - near Houston, Texas  (Read 1833 times)

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Kitties looking for good home (pics!) - near Houston, Texas
« on: August 27, 2005, 07:20:35 PM »
Introducing.. Birdie (mom, black/white tuxedo), Kiwi (older female kitten, tabby/white) and the kids.. Oscar (tabby/white male bob-tail), Reece (tabby/white male bob-tail), Izzy (black/white tuxedo bob-tail), Sierra (female, grey tabby?) and Sadie (female, black.. possible tabby?).

Our neighbor had to get rid of her cats, and of course, she called us. (that deserves another post altogether.. I am SICK of the cat situation around here.. people don't spay/neuter their cats, then expect ME to do something with the kittens *glares*) I couldn't let them end up dumped or in a shelter, so here they are!

They had a vet visit early this morning.. healthy, and FeLV/FIV free. They'll get their shots/wormings when needed.

They (the kittens and Birdie) will be looking for good homes when they are old enough (8-10 weeks, probably sometime after the last week of October). Kiwi can go at any time. I'm asking an adoption fee to cover the cost of vaccinations and spay/neuter, which will be done before the kittens leave. You won't have to worry about spaying/neutering, and I'll know it's done. :) I'm not absolutly positive of the costs, but I'm guessing $35-40 for the boys, and $45-50 for the girls. If this seems high, think about the fact that the SPCA charges $65-75 per cat, and these guys will have had all the same things (testing, shots, spay/neuter, etc.). 

Birdie is a VERY VERY sweet cat. She is friendly, very affectionate, loves people, good with dogs/cats. She's an awesome mom. She just purrs and purrs all the time. She was even purring for the vet. :) Kiwi is a little more skittish, but she's getting better even after just today.

If you are interested, please feel free to email me at We are 45 minutes south of Houston, in Hungerford. I work in El Campo, and we also travel frequently to Wharton/Richmond/Rosenberg.


Birdie and the "kids"

AWWW! (Reece)