Author Topic: BIG Announcement -- Major Changes here at the Forum.  (Read 10794 times)

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BIG Announcement -- Major Changes here at the Forum.
« on: December 08, 2003, 09:12:44 AM »
I know many of you know about this already, as some of you received e-mails from the Rat Fan Club over the weekend. It's unfortunately that everyone had to find out that way rather than from me -- I just found out this morning when I opened my own mail.

We're no longer affiliated with the Rat Fan Club.

Why? Well. I can't say it any better than Debbie, quite frankly.

I have gotten some complaints about the forum lately from members.  Apparently new people are not welcomed by the group but are often ignored or bashed.
I appreciate what you have done with the forum, but it just hasn't turned out to be what I had in mind. 

That says it all, and I can't disagree with her. Things have not been pretty lately (read: for about a year now), and it's truly an embarassment to the club, which has a worldwide reputation to maintain. I can't blame her, and honestly, I have considered asking her if we could end our affiliation for some time now.

There are no ill feelings between Debbie and myself... it's a change who's time has simply come, and I am embracing it.

From now on, we'll be known as Rats Rule. Artwork and text changes are in the works, and will be made as soon as humanly possible.