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Pet Photo Albums
« on: January 20, 2005, 03:44:53 PM »
Everyone is welcome to use the Photo Albums link at the top of the site to use up to 5 MB of storage. This should be enough for lots of pictures. If you do find that you have used up all your space if you sign up to donate $3 or more a month I'll boost the amount of space you get. Bandwith can get expensive! Until you have 50 posts on the forum all uploaded pictures will have to be approved before they will show up. I usually get to this within an hour. This prevents trolls from posting improper photos.

How To Post Pictures-Step by Step: (A graphical tutorial will soon follow)
1. Click on Photo Albums
2. Click on Album (if that doesn't work click on Admin, you have to create at least one album to put pictures into)
3. Click on Create / order my Albums
4. Click on New Album and give your album a name (My Rats, dogs, cats, or even your pets name).
5. Click Apply Modicications, click ok.
6. Click on Upload (note , there is a uploads button for now too, you don't want that one. I'll redo the button names soon).
7. Click on browse to find the file on your computer. You can also type in a URL to a website into the second part if you have the pictures stored elsewhere.
8. Click continue.
9. You will then be given the opportunity to type in info about the picture and place it in the correct album.
10. Click continue again and you're done!

Now if you want to insert one of these pictures into a post in the forum:
1. Go to the picture you want in your album, right click on it and select properties.
2. Highlight the web site address (URL) then hit ctrl-c
3. Click on the button in the post
4. Hit ctrl-v to paste the address in.

On a mac it's a bit different, Suebee posted in another thread how to post pictures.
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Re: Pet Photo Albums
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2010, 09:54:52 AM »
NOTE: The photo albums are currently not functioning. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, we recommend free sites like Photobucket for your image storage needs.