Author Topic: Oh- my- ratness!!! BARGIN- DON"T MISS THIS!!!  (Read 9053 times)

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Re: Oh- my- ratness!!! BARGIN- DON"T MISS THIS!!!
« Reply #25 on: March 02, 2005, 06:39:24 PM »
Thanks, Goose, but I decided against it at checkout when they added the $24 surcharge!!! I don't even know why they do that! The FerretStore doesn't, so I ordered from them. I forgot to use the link, but I sent a message to customer service asking that they do still give you a percentage. I will send them another email if I don't hear from them.

*cough* What are the prices like on the Ferretstore? I found that yes, they don't charge shipping, but they DO charge double or more on their Cell-Sorb!!  So they're not losing money.

And yes, when I've needed YN and I'm not driving to Petsmart, I'll pop into Petco and have them call Petsmart for a price match. They're always 'happy to do it" .. it's good customer service, yanno. ::)