Author Topic: PET FERRET FOR ADOPTION, TX!  (Read 3234 times)

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« on: August 13, 2005, 05:29:55 PM »
Hello, I have recently aquired a ferret by the name of Pete from a friend. I took him in, in order to find him a good home.  He is a male, I am not sure of the age but is around 1yr old.  He has been de-stinkernized :yelcutelaugh: and fixed.  For the most part he is litter trained, WONDERFUL with people, kids, and animals!  DOES NOT BITE AT ALL!

This ferret is cute as can be and I only wish I had the time to take care of him.  I am a full time student and also work 50+ hrs a week.  I am looking for SERIOUS OWNERS ONLY, GREAT HOMES, and someone with alot of LOVE for him!  I am cautious with any kids inquiring about Pete, if you feel that you are mature enough then please email me. 

I am on my sisters screenname so please contact me ONLY ON EMAIL at  I check my email everyday/night.  Again, this is a wonderful ferret!!  He sits in my lap, LOVES to play and VERY mischievious! :cheeky:

I only wish that I could take care of him because he is sooo cute and such great company...makes me sad having to give him away :BlueDumboBigEyes:  I just rather him be with someone that can smother him with the attention he diserves and give him alot of love. 

Below are pictures and movies that I have uploaded. 

Also, I live in Pilot Point, TX but drive to Denton,TX everyday. 


--====____MOVIES___===---- Pete on a Teddy Bear Pete meeting my GF's Wiener :hyper:

These make me sad to give him away...but please someone email me SOON :'(
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