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Rizzo's Cage - PICTURES (Finally ;P)
« on: August 29, 2005, 05:08:27 PM »
Ok, I made Rizzo's cage a while back but I just got my camera back yesterday. Here you go.  Ignore the messy room!

The cage as far as I could get from it, he's in the Rat Room with Moogie's cage nearby, I figured if I am ever to introduce them they'll have to get used to each other's smell.  The cage LOOKS crooked because of the angle I had to twist myself into, but it isn't crooked.

His cage only has two floors, but I left lots of room in his so I could put a basin of water in the bottom and have room for toys, plus when I have la Moola again I'm adding another 3 feet of height.

By this point, Rizzo was curious as to what I was doing and came to investigate. The bottom level has a wide bottom-hinge  door. Yes, yes, his cage needs cleaned. ;)

The top floor is where his shorts are that he sleeps in, his hammock is that he pees in, and where his ceramic food dish is. I need to find a better way of handling food, because Rizzo is still vicious enough that he'll attack me when I reach in for his dish, if I don't distract him by sticking a piece of cheese between the bars down on the bottom level. ;)

The top has two doors, which hinge in the center. Just in case I need to get in from the top, but they also provide structural stability...When the next layer goes on, one of the doors will simply be removed, the other will become a floor for the 3rd level.

So, that's Rizzo's cage. :)
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