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Virginia Rats
« on: October 10, 2005, 11:10:34 AM »
The Petsmart in Colonial Heights has numerous rats for adoptions right now - both males and females.  One is a rex, I think he might be a himi.  There is also an agouti male.  One or 2 himi females....  a mother with a couple babies...  babies appeared white, mother was black and white.  They are in the back room since not being sold.  The himi rex male looked like he might be getting sick.  The worker said he would be taken to the vet.  They are all being kept in small rubbermaid containers by themselves.  One of the workers gets them all out daily and plays with them often.  They are all very friendly. 

However, they need bigger homes and better interactions - with both people and other rats.  I do not currently have room to have rats so I am hoping that some of you would be able to help some of them.