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Counter surfing
« on: January 16, 2005, 07:46:59 PM »
Damn phenobarb and KBr and their stupid side effects! Asher is always starving, and when combined with a strict diet makes a "fun" dog to live with. In the last two weeks, she's decided that we don't feed her often enough and she should take it upon herself to be fed. Since she is always hungary, I measure out her daily allotment of food and keep it in a plastic cup on the counter and just feed her whenever she decides she wants some (handfuls at a time, usualy upwards of 10 a day). The dogs are out during the day and she started jumping on the counter, knocking her and Hank's cups off and eating all the food. I tried setting up snap mouse traps, but they would be on the floor along with the rest of the stuff she knocked off. Asher has no sense of understanding consequence and if I tried just moving the food she would still try to get up there because it is permanently in her little brain that that is where the food is. So, now she's crated again during the day. And then last night she did it again... twice. So now she needs to be kept locked in our bedroom at night. Grr.
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