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Shadow - the lovey boy!
« on: January 28, 2006, 11:21:18 PM »
We took Shadow to our vet today to be checked out.  He has a skin infection, so is on antibiotics for that for 2 weeks, he also has a small upper respiratory infection.  Eye gel for that.  Despite all this - he really showed his personality while we were there!  He was purring, flopping on the table to get his belly rubbed, rubbing up against us, the tech, the vet!  I've never seen a cat like their time at a vet office so much!  Despite his problems our vet said we got a great cat and that he will be even more gergious once his coat comes in thicker.  She said the pattern of his coat is really pretty rare among cats, that he has a swirl pattern on his back, I forget what she called it.  Hopefully all this meds help him out.  He's a very happy friendly cat now that he's learned he's going to be loved and well cared for.  The vet said just the better diet should help him out too.