Author Topic: 2 male zebra finches need home(s) (Twin Cities, MN)  (Read 4233 times)

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2 male zebra finches need home(s) (Twin Cities, MN)
« on: May 22, 2006, 02:37:28 PM »
Hi all.

I accepted a pair of male finches from a friend who had ooops babies as a favor.  They are lovely birds, standard grays who have some pied markings on their foreheads/wings.  Both are under or nearly a year old and in excellent health.  I'd love to keep them, but their addition to my cage has upset my resident finches.  I have one male who has special needs (little Eddie OneWing... born with a nubbin on one side instead of a whole wing) and he is being picked on terribly by Spike and Angel. 

I also have one female, Susan, who is being run ragged by these young males.  It's just a bad male/female ratio and is affecting Eddie the most.  As I had him first and he needs the most care due to his deformity, Spike and Angel need to go for Eddie's well being. :/  I hate rehoming and feel like an awful bird mom!  Their cage is huge, so it's not due to crowding that they are fighting so much... it's just not good to have a flock of mostly males.  I knew this when I accepted the birds but the situation they were in (7 birds, 6 males and 1 female in a cage suited for probably no more than 3 birds) was worse than what I could offer them. 

If anyone is here who lives in the Twin Cities area and looking for a male finch or two, please pm me.  I'm willing to split them up (they fight over Susan and aren't terribly bonded to one another) to go with two different people who can pair them with a female or two.  They cannot live alone and need a mate.  If you don't want babies, don't provide a nest and give lots of comfy perches for sleeping.  Or dump the eggs when you feed them each day.

If someone out there has a similar issue with too many females, I'd be willing to trade my two boys for a girl... or go one boy for one girl to get my sex ratio to a happier place for the kiddos. Thanks for any help!  Little Eddie OneWing appreciates it!

ADDITION: I'd prefer a person who has had some experience with zebras or other finches.  These guys are small, stay in the cage, and very seldom get sick (in my 16 yrs or so experience) but they do require a knowledgable caregiver and a good sized cage.  My oldest bird, David, died recently at 13 years old.  With proper care, they can live to be very old indeed.  Thanks again.
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