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Re: Yesterday's News question
« Reply #25 on: April 25, 2006, 11:25:06 PM »

Me too. It's ridiculous the prices for the "small animal" version, especially since they're all the same. lol. I use the "softer texture" variety of the cat litter, but it's the same price as the regular, and the only difference I noticed was that the pellets are a little smaller.

Does the softer texture come in unscented?  love2teach
Yep, sure does. but, like I said, the only difference appears to be smaller pellets... and they're maybe not quite as compacted as the regular ones.

I use YN to cover the whole bottom of the cages, and in my mouse cage. They seem to be okay with it. I give them plenty of old rags and things they can drag down and lay on if they want though. The mouse likes to dig in it.

The Nil-Odor works very well, but there's still some smell (hey that rhymes! :thumbsup2: ).

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Re: Yesterday's News question
« Reply #26 on: April 26, 2006, 08:37:59 AM »
Thank you, rap. I have thought about fabric bedding, since someone mentioned buying plenty of dish towels at the dollar store. But it seems like they would kick it up or it would scrunch to one side of the cage, etc. What would you use to hold it down in place?
Maybe i'll use YN in the litter box, fabric bedding on the bottom, and some eco-bedding in the dens. now to teach my little guys to be neater..... lol. How often would you wash the fabric bedding for an averagely neat bunch of rats (i have 3)?
thanks again for any advice. gahh i'm sorry i made this thread into my questionare. still topic of bedding!  ;)

There are many ways to hold the fabric down and sometimes you will never win.   :wink5:
I personally used binder clips.  Yeah, those things that you have on your desk to hold papers together.  The small size.  Depending on your bar spacing you can do it one of two ways.  If your spacing allows simply pull the fabric around the bar and clip it to the bars.  If your spacing is too small for the binder clip to fit that way, pull a piece of the fabric out thru the bars and simply clip the binder clip on the corner.  It will not pull back thru the bars.  Now you must realize that holding the fabric down is a sure invite to chew off anything that is holding it down  ;D
I found my girls left the fabric alone (after a bit) if I simply put it down and put stuff on it (their litter pan, their hut, food dish, etc.)

I changed my fabric pieces as needed.  The favorite peeing corner (my girls only used the litter pan for raisins) the fabric was changed daily.  The sleeping spot (where they also liked to pee) was done every other day, the rest of the cage was done once per week.  The dirty stuff was kept in a tote with a lid that snapped shut and carried to the laundry room once per week.

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Re: Yesterday's News question
« Reply #27 on: April 26, 2006, 02:30:45 PM »
Hey, thank you trubandloki. This has been really lets see how it all works out =)
i was thinking two layers of fleece fabric since it's fats drying. or maybe microfleece is faster drying...
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Re: Yesterday's News question
« Reply #28 on: April 26, 2006, 06:48:17 PM »
I skimmed most of these posts.... I also use YN because it's what I selected for my ferrets (Who can't have clumping litter in their boxes)....

I buy the cat version. It's the same exact stuff-- but they charge more to chop it up smaller and to put a rabbit or ferret on the bag.

And for those asking about the fresh scent (I work at a pet store and read lots of labels!)-- as far as I know softer texture only comes in scented. In addition-- you may notice that fresh scent and regular are the same price and look like the same size bag, but in reality I think the fresh scent is about 5lbs less (maybe more).

I spread my YN over the bottom of the cage- mine aren't litter trained.  Between using it in both my ferrets and rat cages-- I had to stop using aspen because I became allergic (nose and skin).
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