Author Topic: *URGENT* San Diego Pit/mix needs rescue by 5:30PM 5/19/06 because of city ban  (Read 2705 times)

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**If there is anyone involved in rescue or knows of foster homes ANYWHERE, transportation can be arranged!**

He had a daddy who wanted him very much and did all the fun things we all do with our dogs together but because of the breed specific ban his owner was forced to give up his pup  Can anyone help? I'm so far away it's not even funny but these guys are doing everything they can to try and help him!

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Last week I was at a local San Diego shelter and saw this dog being surrendered by his owner, the reason being that his landlord no longer wanted pits or pit mixes in the apartment complex.

That morning I saw a dog completely endeared to his owner, social and friendly, interactive with strangers and happy to be out for a "walk." You could see the love for his owner written all over his face. He even climbed into my lap and gave me, someone he didn't even know, kisses on the face.

Yesterday I found out that Johnny has been deemed unadoptable and is going to be euthanized. I'm assuming because of the ban

My ID number is A0958999,
my necktag number is C274, and
my kennel number is C078.

Johnny is a four-year-old Pit/Boxer mix, neutered, chipped, vaccinated, 100% housetrained, likes other dogs and LOVES to fetch tennis balls all day long with you at the park. He's also a great jogging partner and loves to swim in the water at dog beach. This is no abused, outdoor dog that needs time adjusting to homelife. This is a well-adjusted indoor pet, thus making him a prime candidate for foster care with little to no issues with house accidents, etc. I went as far as interacting him with my small dog today out in the yard and they did great together.

He's not kenneling well, the shelter environment is just too much for a dog that's lived as an indoor family member with the same person since he was a puppy. Johnny grew up hiking, camping and going everywhere with his owner. Now his short time in a cold kennel with no human interaction is up, and if rescue doesn't pull him by close of day Friday, he will be put to sleep.

If you have room for "just one more," please consider this boy. It would be a terrible injustice to see him put to sleep after providing years of companionship to his person, and he has so many more years ahead of him to love someone new, someone who will be there for him into his golden years. We asked for a 24 hour extension to try to find a rescue for him, and after 5:30 this Friday he'll go down. He was actually scheduled to be euthanized today (Thursday), but we managed to bide him a little more time.

I have all of his shelter info and will be more than happy to transport him to wherever he needs to go if you can help. Now is not Johnny's time to leave this world. He has lots of living left to do.

Contact me right away if you can save him and I'll do anything and everything I can to facilitate exiting him from the shelter for you, and I'll also gladly help advertise him for adoption for you, etc.

Thanks, Jenny
E-Mail: (
Phone: (619) 384-1167

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Photos available by following link listed at top.

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