Author Topic: Bird pyramids for sale! *lots of pics*  (Read 5451 times)

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Bird pyramids for sale! *lots of pics*
« on: May 25, 2006, 01:44:04 AM »
Excellent hanging playgyms for many birds: 'Tiels, lovies, budgies, Conures, etc.

Made from grapevine wreaths, nickle-planted chain, sisal and jute rope, cotton rope and beads! Pinecones avail. sometimes (when I can get my hands on some).

$37.00 CAN + shipping.

You can easily add your own toys to the wreaths! So it can be a changing toy. Keeps birdies up high, where they feel safe. Wreaths are fun to tear to pieces (just ask my boys :wink5:)! Sisal rope weaved in the chain allows easier climbing to top wreath, and much preening fun.
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