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Need Some Mouse Info....
« on: June 02, 2006, 12:38:05 AM »
I had a mouse once about 20 years ago. I didn't know much about them then and I don't much now.


There are 4 little mouse men, brothers I believe, that have been at hubby's work for about 2 months now that I have fallen in love with and am considering getting.
I do have a 20 gal. aquarium and a 10 gal. aquarium that I could hook together with hamster tunnels that would work for a cage. Would the tunnels be mouse appropriate? I'm also thinking about getting a 20 gal. long aquarium instead so they would have a little more running room and room for more toys/huts....

Also, what is the best cover for the aquariums? I have the screen covers normally used for reptiles with 4 clips that lock it down or would some hardware cloth shaped as a cover be better? Mice are wicked chewers, right, so I'm a little concerned that they would chew their way to freedom with the reptile screen covers.

 I have read that males should live singly because of territorial aggression??? Would it be different if the males were from the same litter and have been together for the past couple of months? Also, what if the territory is large enough to accomodate all of them? (4) The boys aren't babies, but they are young-ish, maybe 3,4,5 months old??? I'm fairly sure that they've been together since birth.

The best space I have for them is in our rat room. Would the mice be stressed out by the smells of the rats?

Would my ratties' Teklad blocks be appropriate for their main diet, or should I get the smaller Mazuri blocks?

1 of the boys in particular is the "mother hen" of the group and grooms his sleeping brothers and will snuggle next to whichever one who is by himself. He seems more "maternal" then Alpha. I wouldn't consider taking any one of them by themselves as they all seem to be closely bonded.

I'm not really in the market for mice ('though I enjoy everyone's pics and stories of their meeces!  ) but these 4 boys have caught my attention and heart. *sigh* I would like to see them all go to a good home together where they can be spoiled.

Any advice and suggestions appreciated.