Author Topic: Foster Homes and Volunteers Needed in Indiana  (Read 20811 times)

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Foster Homes and Volunteers Needed in Indiana
« on: September 23, 2006, 11:21:37 AM »
If any one in Indianapolis, Columbia City, Fort Wayne, or surrounding area (within about 1 hour radius) is interested in fostering rats for EARPS/Happy Endings let us know.  We currently have 56 foster animals in our group (4 are ferrets). We have not been able to take in many more than that at one time because we do not have very many ferret fosters/fostering slots for them.  If anyone is interested in learing more about fostering, or our group in general please feel free to visit our website,  You can also pm me for more information.  There has been such a need for an exotic pet, non-traditional pet, and pocket pet rescue in the area that we have been expanding very rapidly.  Volunteers to update websites, write newsletters, help with adoption days, etc are also much needed/greatly appreciated.
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