Author Topic: 6 Peach-Face LoveBird in Need of a Home (HALIFAX PA)  (Read 40664 times)

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6 Peach-Face LoveBird in Need of a Home (HALIFAX PA)
« on: October 19, 2006, 03:41:35 PM »
I know I might be stupid or something. But after my mom got out of the
hosptail on October 06, 2006. Due to having a heart attack things here
have been rough. And finding out that she has Congesitve heart failure
that might be a blockage or a anurizim. I'm going to end up selling
my birds to help her out. I know that i wont have time for them due to
the fact that I have to take care of mom and My daughter and the
family.I'm not looking to get rich on my birds that I'm selling I just
want them to go to a good home were they will be taking care of right.
I have 6 peach-face lovebirds.  Plz make me a
offer on my loves. Cages go too. I have 4 in one cage with a nesting
box.  E-mail me @ earlene_brown@ . For more info