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Tips on introducing a 3yr. old male to new kitten? Long.
« on: December 27, 2006, 05:45:33 PM »
i brought an approx. 8wk. old kitten home from the barn on christmas eve (my parents were thrilled  ;)). his story is that he was at some car repair place where they were using the cats/kittens as 'target practice'  :shocked2:! some people went by there and caught 3 kittens, and took them to the vet clinic one of my barn owners daughter works at to be put to sleep. well, the people at the clinic decided to spay/neuter all the kittens, and give them all their first shots, and try to adopt them out. soo my barn owners daughter brought one home, and she offered him to me. and i couldn't resist, so i brought him home!
we named him sneak while he was still at the barn, and it's stuck with him, he definitely lives up to it.

anyway. onto my question. we have 2 other cats (both neutered males) at my house, one is kitty (don't ask, we adopted him at the age of 5 with that name  ::)), who is 13, and toby, who is 3. kitty LOVES sneak, and seems very interested in him. toby, on the other hand, is NOT thrilled at ALL with this new comer. toby is my cat by the way, he's very attached to me, sleeps in my room, gets fed in my room, etc.

so i'm wondering how i should go about introducing toby and sneak to each other, properly? when i first got him home, i just plopped him down on the floor and he walked right up to toby, who greeted him with hissing and growling, but nothing else. sneak hissed back, and toby just walked away. this has been how every 'meeting' with these two has gone since christmas eve. i *think* toby is scared of sneak.. maybe? it just seems that way because you'd think if he wanted to hurt him, he would've by now.

i've had sneak in our guest bathroom since christmas, and haven't let him and toby see each other since. he doesn't seem interested in sniffing under the door where sneak is, but will come sit outside of it when i go in to play with sneak and whatnot. when i come out, he hisses at me and runs away, but if i follow him, he lets me pet him, etc. today i started putting a few treats outside of the bathroom door, and letting toby eat them (in hopes that he'll associate sneaks smell with food  ???). he does, but usually hisses beforehand.

so, any tips on introducing these two to each other? i read that you should put the newcomer in a carrier and let the other cat smell them through there.. should i try that? any tips would be great!
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