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Sir TJ Wokkinbaux
« on: January 01, 2007, 07:26:48 PM »
Ok, so I have a bad case of "gotta getta kitten" and my boyfriend doesn't help matters much. He gives me the "we're settled, have $$ and room for a new kid" speech. We went to a local shelter today (forgetting it was a holiday  :doh: ) and was highly dissappointed that it was closed.

When we were pulling out of the shelter parking lot a box went flying across the road and my boyfriend says, "Look, it's a walkin' box."

Now I have name for a kitten, I just need the kitten!! Sir TJ Wokkinbaux. TJ is just TJ, not short for anything and Wokkinbaux (pronounced walkin' box) for the walkin' box in the parking lot. Where are you Sir TH Wokkinbaux!