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[Clean] Human Hair as Nesting Material... safe?

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Hey guys.

I just gave my boyfriend a hair cut and his hair is soooo thick - there's so much in clippings!  I think the rats would like it to nest in in their tissue box (we have two haired, 3 hairless).  Chad (boyfriend) uses only shampoo and conditioner in his hair, thoroughly rinsed, no product (gel, mousse, etc.). 

Would it be ok to give to my babies?

I would think it would be okay, but I have to say it strikes me as a little odd. 

Offer them a little bundle and see what they think.  I don't think it's weird.  Much ;)

My rats love to sit on my shoulder and hide in my hair...but it's still attached to my head.  ;D  The rats may find loose hair comfortable, I'm sure they'd nest on anything they found to be soft and cozy.  My only concern would be the clean-up mess for you, with little bits of hair everywhere.

I think I would be concerned about them getting little cut bits in their eyes or ears.  You know how itchy you are after a hair cut. :-\


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