Author Topic: Young male dog in Southern California  (Read 4752 times)

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Young male dog in Southern California
« on: January 26, 2007, 08:57:39 PM »
This is Buddy. He's a young, shepherd/pit mix or something of the sort. He was found and brought into my store last night. He is currently waiting at the North County Humane Society (a kill shelter) to see if his family shows up. If not, then I have from 10am to 11am on Weds, to pick him up.

I now need to find a rescue that will take him and find him a wonderful forever home. I am maxed out on dogs right now, so I can't foster him. Buddy really needs help. He's the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Loves everyone he's met in the short time I had him. I didn't get him around other dogs too much, but on leash in the store around them, he seemed okay.

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