Author Topic: Home Needed For Beautiful Outdoor Girl. URGENT. Possibility of euthanasia!!  (Read 1668 times)

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This only applies to persons in the DC/MD/WV/PA/VA metro area. (unless you are willing to drive!!)

A cat I have affectionately named Slurpee has been coming to our home for over a year. We feed her everyday and play with her. She is such a loving, adorable cat! She has a chapped nose from the cold but is otherwise very healthy. I'm pretty sure she is spayed (once being someone's pet I assume) because she hasn't had kittens yet... and I've known her to be an outdoor cat for about 2 years.

She is approximately 4 years old I think. No good estimate though.

We can't take her in because the cat we have now hates her and hisses at her.... but the homeowner's association is planning on putting out feral cat traps and sending all the catches to the Animal Control building... which means she will be euthanized.

She is SUCH an adorable, loving, friendly cat. She pushes her little face against your leg and loves to be pet. Even when she hisses she goes right back to purring. I love her very much and she needs a good foster home ASAP!!

I would like to take her back when I get an apt. next year. However, I will most likely allow the foster family to keep her if I see that she is happy and the family truly wants to keep her.

these aren't the greatest pics... she has beautiful eyes but always blinks during the flash. lol.

if you are interested please contact me at or AIM: ProjektRaRa