Author Topic: Hemingway and the annoying male bluebird (pics)  (Read 1390 times)

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Hemingway and the annoying male bluebird (pics)
« on: April 23, 2007, 02:37:28 AM »
This morning I was woken up by a horrible knocking sound on my window.  It freaked me out... I thought there was something or someone standing out there knocking... I'm on the second floor of the house LOL

When I got up, a horrible little bluebird was sitting on top of the thermometer I have attached to the outside of my window.  I guess he was pecking at his reflection... or maybe I heard his wings batting against the window.

Anyway, I had pulled the blinds up for Hemingway to have a look.  This silly bird kept flying off and then flying back to his spot.  Between all this he was hanging out in the tree right outside my window singing :)

Hemingway had a good time trying to get to the birdie, and the birdie continued to do this all day.  I hope he finds a new window soon.

(The knob on the handle was stolen by Peanut during free-ranging one day.  She stole the screw that was inside it, too.  I accidentally vacuumed up the screw... so the knob is hanging around somewhere.)
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