Author Topic: Cheap bird cage for sale - Indianapolis  (Read 5755 times)

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Cheap bird cage for sale - Indianapolis
« on: May 16, 2007, 09:47:34 PM »
Hi everyone,

I am in the process of moving to a much smaller house, so I no longer have room for my spare cages. I have no rats and will not be getting any more for some time because I'm in college! So I'm ready to part with some cages and supplies. I am in Indianapolis and cannot ship anything, but would be willing to meet you somewhere for pickup.

This is actually a cockatiel cage (works for other small birds as well), but feel free to use it for any purpose! Also has an easy to clean pull-out pan. Perches, swing, and food/water cups included. I'll sell it for $20 (or if you can prove to me that you're a rescue group, it's yours free).

E-mail me at or PM me. :)