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Old Man Rusty!!!
« on: June 20, 2007, 02:15:33 PM »
This is Rusty, my latest foster boy. 

Rusty is a 9 year old persian mix.  His owner was going to surrender him to the shelter because her dad was moving in with her and he is allergic to cats.  The shelter said that since the cat is over 8 years old, they would not put him up for adoption and he would be euthanized.  The lady made a big scene about it so I tried to talk to her.  I don't agree with the shelter's rule at all, and wanted to help the lady.  I asked her if she contacted Persian rescue and she said no.  Well, I ended up taking the cat.  I contacted Persian rescue and they won't take him.  So I am trying to find a home for him myself.  He is neutered and declawed.  Rusty is the SWEETEST cat ever!!!!!!  He loves to be held and petted and brushed and loved on.  If it were up to him, he would be held all day.  He is just a big cuddle bug.  He doesn't like my other animals though.  Kelsey is always trying to torment him, running and jumping on him.  She just wants to be his friend, but Rusty doesn't return the sentiment.  All of the foster kittens are terrified of him.  If Rusty walks into the room where they are playing, they all freeze and stare at him until he leaves again.  Rusty will hiss at each kitten and then walk out of the room.  Rusty really deserves a home of his own.  9 years isn't old!!!!  I have a cat at my parents' house that is 22!!!!!  So if anyone in Cali wants a beautiful sweetheart of a persian, let me know.....