Author Topic: Older Orange Tabby Looking for Retirement Home (Update: Mods pls remove)  (Read 1813 times)

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****Update:Mods, please remove this add. Toby was pts yesterday.****

Note to board admins: I am aware of the rule and, if needed, will put you into contact with the owner to confirm that she agrees to have this posted. Simply PM me if you wish to do so.

A friend of mine must rehome Toby, her 9 year old orange tabby. She is looking for a rather specific and unusual situation which she, unfortunately, cannot provide since she cannot buy a new house or a farm. The type of situation she is looking for(in her own worlds):

The vet describes his ideal situation as living in shelter (the specific example was a horse barn; he's very kindly checking with some people out in more rural areas) with the option to go outside; either a single pet or one of two cats; still on his special diet; and with enough close, regular, and attentive contact from humans that they will notice if he gets sick again.

- He is on Hill's Prescription Diet c/d (the canned food, not the kibble, mixed with a little water to make sure he stays properly hydrated). It's not much as such things go--about $1/day--but it's really important for him.

- He's somewhat prone to urinary tract infections, though they clear up promptly with antibiotics.

- He's currently on antidepressants, though he might not need them if rehomed; they're largely to try and control whatever short circuit in his brain makes him pee outside the litterbox, and if he can wander outside or pick an unused shed corner, they might not be necessary.

- He's nine years old, neutered (also, he pees like a girl due to surgery when he got blocked), microchipped, has all his claws, and is up-to-date on all shots (he gets them done in November).

- He cannot (much as he might love to, in his little Mighty Hunter heart) be a wild and roving purely outdoor cat; he needs his prescription food and a human to keep an eye on him and notice if he's in pain.

- He cannot (much as I would love him to be, in my breaking pet owner heart) be an indoor cat; he is currently peeing everywhere, and attempts to keep him in rooms where he won't destroy things have resulted in him crying for hours and chewing up the doorjamb to get out. (It's actually rather impressive. I'd need to go after it with a screwdriver to inflict that much damage.)

Some pictures of the little fellow

So if you know someone who might be able to help or even a sanctuary / rescue which could provide the type of living arrangement mentionned here, please PM me or contact the owner (Frances) at (torrain AT )

Much appreciated
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I'm not much help, but before we put Neko to sleep due to his UTI's the vet suggested getting his weight down to see if this improved his situation. That kitty looks a bit overweight and until they can find him a home, I don't think it would hurt.

Good luck with him.