Author Topic: Another cat health issue (young one, this time)  (Read 1143 times)

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Another cat health issue (young one, this time)
« on: August 19, 2007, 10:00:14 PM »
Elliot is only 8-10 weeks old, he's had a -very- bad start to his life.

Taken from his mom at only 3 weeks (he was feral), fed nothing but dry kibble and abused by a large dog. He had a cold for the three weeks the people who took him from his family had him, and it was never treated.

So when I finally got him at 6 weeks, he was literally all bone. Eyes glued shut. He went to the vet the -next- day. Vet said if we'd not got him, he likely would have died. He was given anti-biotics, etc. Wet food only, KMR.

2 days after starting his meds, Elliot stopped eating. For the next 6 days, I kept him alive by handfeeding him wet food with KMR and a bit of water. He finally started to eat on his own again, and his cold cleared up (except for a case of eye goop and a lil nose goop).

His subsequent vet visits lead us to believe he was getting better, gaining weight, eating like a horse, playing with Jasper (the other kitten).

He got his first set of shots a few weeks ago, and had went from 2.3lbs to 3 lbs in 11 days! We were so happy.

Then lately (before Jasper got neutered) I can feel all his bones again... he was getting meaty for a while there. He just wants to cuddle. He cries when Jasper tries to play (although, to be fair, Jasper is a jerk) with him and bites him, whereas before he'd go right back at him. Now he just runs away.

He still eats like a horse. He's been de-wormed with the normal de-worming (yellow stuff) atleast 3 times now (every vet visit). He's going back on the 28th for his second set of shots, and another check-up because of his possible weight loss.

His poops and pee's are fine.

Anyways, my question I guess, is about worms..

Could it be a more sinister worm (tape?) that's just eating all the nutrients? I don't get how he can be FINE then crash this way. The one thing we have yet to do is check for FIV, etc. The biggies. But I don't know much about those.

Here's pictures of the lil bugger. I am so incredibly attached now that I've had to handfeed him.

First day:

On the way to recovery:

Feelin' fine: