Author Topic: Beautiful Rabbit in Bakersfield, CA  (Read 5720 times)

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Beautiful Rabbit in Bakersfield, CA
« on: August 25, 2007, 03:13:11 PM »
I have a fabulous brown rabbit that I took in quite by accident. His former owner was going to let him loose in a field near her home because she sold his cage to people who didn't want a rabbit to go along with it. I told her I would keep him for a few days, but that quickly turned into months. He's litter trained, extremely playful, and oh, so cute! My camera is dead, so I can't take any photos till I get some batteries, but I have some old ones I can send if you'd like. He is not neutered and as far as I know is full grown. Not sure how old, the lady wouldn't give me much info. He does not bite often, loves to be held like a baby and have his belly scratched, does well even on a harness and leash!! He plays well with out cats and dog.
I'm gonna be moving in a few months and I really, really need this guy to go to a great, wonderful home where he will be spoiled!
Please pm me if interested.