Author Topic: Pogo! Adult male ferret CT! ADOPTED!  (Read 5675 times)

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Pogo! Adult male ferret CT! ADOPTED!
« on: August 28, 2007, 08:28:49 PM »
Someone brought a ferret boy to the shelter yesterday, saying they found him on the street.  An ad has been placed, but there's a really good chance nobody will claim him.  So I'd kinda like to get the ball rolling and see if we can find some potential adopters asap.  He is SUPER sweet!  I am completely smitten with this boy.  If I didn't have so many animals he'd be coming to live with me.  Not sure how old he is, I'd say a young adult.  He's neutered and he was checked out by the vet today.  They said he seems nice and healthy, other than loose stool, which he's now on meds for.  I named him Pogo  :)  He loves having his head and chin scratched and will fall asleep in your arms with his head on your shoulder.  What a doll this boy is...if anyone is interested you can PM me!  I'll take some pics to post in the mean time!

EDIT:  Pogo has found a wonderful home!
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