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Kitty Garbage Disposal
« on: August 29, 2007, 11:35:43 PM »
My silly kitten, Scooter, will eat absolutely anything that fits in his mouth.  From plastic to fruit to paper to anything that I am eating.  I have to be careful about what is in his reach, even the cat toys he plays with, because if it is small enough or if he can make it small enough, he will eat it.  He has access to food and eats plenty of it.  He is the only kitten I've had that does this.  I have to put him in a different room if I am going to eat because he will do anything he can to get to my plate, scratch, claw, climb (and he is disabled, yet has no problem finding a way to do stuff).  Is this a psychological thing or a nutrition deficiency or just him?  I just worry that he is going to make himself sick or eat something that is going to cause a blockage.  My little boy is just full of mischief.... ;D