Author Topic: Need Advice *Mom Upset*  (Read 1003 times)

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Need Advice *Mom Upset*
« on: September 05, 2007, 11:17:03 PM »
I have had Charm now since about 6/25.  My dad found her so I could not just pass her off to someone else.  Plus, at that time our rescue that I help was full, so they would not take her.  I told mom that she would have to stay with us until she weighed 3#, because she had to be that old to be spayed.  She has now been spayed.  She is a fiesty, crazy kitten.  I am in love with her psycho self.  I have always hated cats with a passion, but she weaseled her way in to my heart.  Last Wed mom told me I had one week to find her another place to stay.  I have taken her to a few adoption events with no luck.  Sadly, she shows VERY bad there because she is so stressed she growls most of the time she is out.  She is online too>>>

My dad said I could keep her at his shop (heated, AC'd, plenty of toys & stuff).  I told him the only way I would do that is if I could get her a playmate.  He agreed to it.  A few days later he is telling me that he is going to sell the shop!  Where is she supposed to go?!?! 

I have a foster that would probably keep her for me, but Charm would be miserable because of all the cats (though I know she would get used to it).  Do I really want her to get adopted in the end too?  (My preferences are that she stay on similar foods to what she is on & that she not be declawed unless absolutely necessary.)

The other problem is I am going to be 24 next month!  I am STILL at home figuring out where my life should go.  If I could afford to move out tomorrow I would & Charm would come with me (I will be able to afford her no matter what).  I don't know what to do.  I feel like a whiner.  AHHH!!  Help!

I don't want to be selfish & try to keep her if the best thing is getting her adopted.  My mom needs to give me more time though IMO.  (The reason my mom gives me for getting rid of her is that she is allergic- she never comes in contact with her at home)  She wishes she could go in my room more though.

Any ideas or thoughts welcome!  Thanks!
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