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Senior Cats
« on: October 09, 2007, 05:01:22 PM »
OK, so I was just "given" a pair of 11 year old cats. (Pure Bred Ragdolls with papers, owners were getting too old to care for them. It's really sad. They tried very hard to find a great home for these cats, and the woman they finally settled on had them 2 weeks, decided it was too much trouble, and gave them away over the computer for free with all their stuff. This is after the original owners made it very clear that they wanted these cats returned to them if they couldn't be kept for any reason. I feel bad for the original owners and the poor kitties. Just shows you that you can do everything right and still get it wrong  :-\ . Anyway, I am just glad kitties are with me and didn't end up with some unsavory individual.) So now, here is the thing. I have never had Senior Cats before. Ever. So this is a new experience for me.
What kind of special care do they require? Should I be giving them vitamins or anything? They were just given a clean bill of health within the last 2 weeks before I got them. They are from champion lineage and from what I can tell there are no known genetic problems in their line. Also, I have several cats right now, as I foster. So I ahve cats ranging from 4-5 weeks up to 11 years. What do I do to feed them? I free feed (Grandparents are a little old fashioned and believe cats will go hungry if not free fed. ::) ) Is there any good food that works for all ages, or what? The old girls have been free fed for 11 years now, and are not over weight at all, so I hate to switch them, but I know they should be on senior food, and DEFINITELY not kitten food.xI already switched their food oncew, because they were being feed Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula and I can't stand that stuff. They are on Pro Plan Adult at the moment. Anyway, any suggestions, advice... would be wonderful. I am keeping these 2, by the wy, because I can't stand the though of rehoming them again at their age. And besides, what are the odds of someone wanting 2 11 year old cats?