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Rabbit needs home..Kansas City, KS PHOTOS INCLUDED!
« on: November 20, 2007, 03:33:54 PM »
My mother has a LARGE black and white rabbit...about  11 pounds (yes, eleven pounds) that she is needing to find a home for. His name is OreO and he is neutered. He was a school room pet for quite some time and the teacher went through some personal life problems and could no longer take care of him. My mother took him in about a year and a half ago and just needs to find a PERMANANT rehome for him. He's a wonderful rabbit. Very calm, and has been around many kids. He doesn't have any health issues. She just got a new bird, and my father just wants her to find somewhere else for the rabbit, as she told him when she got Oreo that she was just going to find someone to adopt him from her. She is not willing to give it to just any home...she wants to be sure that this is a LOVING pet home. We are asking that you pay a $20 adoption fee, but we will also be giving you food, hay, numerous litter pans, water bottle, ect. WE WILL NOT BE INCLUDING A RABBIT HUTCH/CAGE OF ANY KIND, as she will be using it for other things.
 If you are interested, please respond to this post....with the following information:

Your first name (We will get the last name later)
Your age:
Number of children in the house, and their ages:
Other pets in the house, type, breed if applicable and their ages:
Any pets that you have had in the past 2 years that you no longer have, and the reason you no longer have them:
Your family vet name (we can get the number if we need to get a reference from them):

And then you may also include any other information that you think we should know.

We hope that this will be helpful in finding Oreo a new a few pictures of him.....

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