Author Topic: WANTED Ferret in Marion, Ohio  (Read 13397 times)

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WANTED Ferret in Marion, Ohio
« on: December 02, 2007, 09:01:48 PM »
Hi, my husband and I are looking for a ferret as a companion animal. We're looking for a free/cheap one. We have a lovely cage to house him/her, and a few accessories if we find one that will not be coming with accessories. If you have a cage that you can provide with them, that would be excellent as well as we have many other animals that could also use that cage. I have nearly all the time in the world at home, and the owners of the ferret can visit where the ferret will live if they wish.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: WANTED Ferret in Marion, Ohio
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2007, 03:07:21 PM »
I have a 10 month old ferret that my husband and i have to part with :( she is spayed and descented and very very sweet!! she's never bitten, even as a baby. she comes with her cage, toys, bedding (she prefers old t-shirts and we have a bunch!) litter, 2 litter boxes (one for in the cage, and one for outside when she's playing), food, treats, water bottle, food dish, tooth brush and tooth paste, shampoo, deodorant spray, and a ferrets for dummies book haha. you probably don't need the book, but it comes with if you want it! we live in cedarville, oh and are moving to xenia in january. we'd like to get her settled before we move rather than take her back to the store again... please let me know if you're interested!! we were originally selling her and everything for 250, but i'm willing to negotiate A LOT  :balloon:

thank you!