Author Topic: Five bunnies need a loving home! London, ON Canada  (Read 8250 times)

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Five bunnies need a loving home! London, ON Canada
« on: January 03, 2008, 02:09:21 PM »
My husband and I run an animal rescue, and we currently have five bunnies all avaliable for immediate adoption! All of them have been neglected, but are doing great now that they are in foster homes, and getting properly socialized, and loved:)

First we have three lionhead boys. All of them are pure black. Two of them came to us together in the same cage. They had pulled most of their manes out. We had to cut out a lot of matting, so it still hasn't come in completely. All of them love their vegetables and hay, and love to run around the house. They are very friendly, however still very unsure of humans picking them up, or petting them...they never try to bite though. All three were previously used for breeding and kept outside in the cold.

We also have a black jersey wooly. He is a very cute, and timid boy. He loves to run around and doesn't mind being petted, but is very nervous. He will not bite though. He was also a previous breeder, and kept outside.

Finally we have a brown and white californian/netherland dwarf cross. She is absolutely adorable, and friendly! She loves humans, and loves to run around the house. She is completely litter trained, and loves carrots! She loves to play with toys, and sit for you to pet her back:) She is a great little companion.

If you are interested in any of our buns, please reply to our post, or e-mail us! You can also check out our website here: