Author Topic: Two sweet Finches in Winona, MN  (Read 10658 times)

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Two sweet Finches in Winona, MN
« on: January 11, 2008, 08:34:01 PM »
As much as I don't want to I am going to have to give up my two finches since I am a little overwhelmed at the moment with the critters I have and my roommates are a little unhappy about the singing Cezer does.  They are both zebra finches and they are a bonded pair so they will have to go together.  Cezer is the male with the traditional markings that you see in all the pictures of zebra finches.  Ophelia (Ophie) is a white female.  It's not a pure white but she is adorable.  I will send the cage, all the food and toys they have with them at the moment.  Oh, Cezer was considered special needs when I adopted him from Pet Smart since his right foot is a little deformed but it doesn't bother him.  I'm going to ask $50 for them, the cage, the food and the toys since I want serious inquiries and want to make sure they are going to a good home.  They are only around a year old and Cezer will keep your ears entertained for hours. (I'll miss it) :'(

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