Author Topic: Lonely bird needing a new buddy in OH  (Read 4011 times)

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Lonely bird needing a new buddy in OH
« on: January 21, 2008, 02:37:19 PM »
An aquaintance of mine in OH has a Quaker Parrot named Sammy. She used to have a conure who was Sammy's friend named Lou. Lou got spooked during a storm two weeks ago, and broke her neck. At first, aside from the massive mourning, and Sammy's calls for his friend, everything seemed to be doing okay. Recently Sammy has stopped eating, and talking, and singing. He won't even come out of his cage.

They've spent almost 2,000 in vet bills, he's healthy, just depressed. The vet thinks since he's never been alone, that he just needs a companion. But having to take him to the vet every other day to be force fed has put her in debt. She wants to adopt Sammy a new friend. She has an indoor and outdoor aviary so they'll get plenty of exercise. She feeds her birds harrisons pellets, as well as a daily dose of fresh veggies and fruits. She works from home, so they are only in their cages at night.

We are begging someone to help her, and help Sammy. She would like a medium sized bird- cockatiel, conure, senegal, something along those lines. She could probably come up with a small re-homing fee, but with the vet bills, she can't just go buy a new buddy.

Please contact me at if you can help.
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