Author Topic: Some thing is wrong with my dog. He is scared to go out the front door.  (Read 1066 times)

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He is a 11 month old havanese and I think dauchsand mix. Just yesterday he was grabbing the leash waiting by the door to be walked. but today he starts literally screaming and whimpering. By screaming I mean she literally sounds like a human. If I pick him up and bring him out side he literally dives in my shirt and whimpers. He is not scared of strangers and before today he would run up to people licking them. To get him out I have tried to coax her out gently with treats,picking her up, and having everybody in my family go outside. None of these techniques are working. The family cat also keep pouncing on him to scare him. The dog also gets the cat back by sneaking behind the cat and barking loudly sending the cat flying. How do I stop this?

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That's really weird....  Did something happen to him outside to make him scared?  Is the back door safe?  If so, try using that for a while and see if he forgets his fear of the front door.  Another thing you can do is pick him up and let him hide in your coat and bring him outside and just hang out on the front steps with him and talk soothingly to him until he realizes that there's nothing bad out there and comes out on his own.