Author Topic: Looking For Ferret To Adopt in Dayton Ohio  (Read 3486 times)


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Looking For Ferret To Adopt in Dayton Ohio
« on: March 15, 2008, 03:25:47 PM »
 :BlueDumboBigEyes:hello my name is nikki and i am looking for a ferret in dayton ohio. i have wanted a ferret sence i was 15 and i am turning 21 in june. i love them and they would get alot of attention and love. please help me out with getting my very first ferret.

thank you
nikki ramsey

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Re: Looking For Ferret To Adopt in Dayton Ohio
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2008, 09:04:17 PM »

Please do your research and have a vet lined up and a huge vet fund in place before getting ferrets.  Make sure you have a 24 hr emergency service that will see ferrets and know what they are going to charge you.  Ferrets tend to be absolutely fine until they have a catastrophe and won't live if you try to wait til morning or Monday.  They also get horrible diseases that need extensive care.  My ferret has insulinoma and needs steriods 2x a day or she has seizures.  The last seizure she had, we were lucky and she only went blind.  About 50% of ferrets encounter adrenal disease.  They need treatment to stop the growth of the tumor before it closes off a major vein.  My last ferret died of stump pyometra and I didn't get her to the vet fast enough to save her. That still cost over $800 that I had to pay up front.

Also, please know up front that they need 4-6 hrs of free range time every day, a huge cage, expensive food, and they'll poop all over the floor.  They don't litter train like a cat and will poop where they feel like it.  The room you keep them in will smell like ferrets the way a wet dog can be smelled  across the room.  You are signing up for 5-7 years of this, so please think carefully before you go to:  This shelter is practically right next door to you.