Author Topic: Two males in Winona, MN or West Allis, WI  (Read 266 times)

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Two males in Winona, MN or West Allis, WI
« on: March 24, 2008, 06:54:22 PM »
After weeks of looking for an apartment for next year, the only one I could get was one that allows me to have only one critter.  I really feel it would be best for the boys if I give them up for adoption.  It would be cruel to down size their cage just to fit into my apartment, which is ridiculously small.  I recently had to put down Riley's brother Beau because his teeth got so bad and had actually begun to grow so fast that even cutting them once a week wasn't enough anymore and that just wasn't fair for him or me.  Anyway, now its just Riley and Kismet together who would love a home where they get out a lot and eat a lot.  They are both pigs.  Any other info you need I would be more then willing to give and Riley is about 8 months while Kismet I don't know.  They are unaltered but I don't want them used for breeding and Riley still has some issues with his back legs but he can walk now.

Emma Jean

I live in Winona, MN but will be making a trip home to West Allis, WI on April 4-6.