Author Topic: Getting 3 rats next friday. Is this all I need?(Help choosing bedding)  (Read 1149 times)

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I am going to get my first 3 rats next Friday. So my family has bought somethings for the rats. Here is the list:2 glass water bottles,Deluxe My First Home Cage for Exotics cage,plastic bin for litter box,treats,hide-outs,bird toys,2 heavy ceramic food bowls, mom made some hammocks and I need suggestions for a regular diet,bedding and what to put in litter box. Also where do people by those plastic rings that connect to each other used for climbing. Also would you recommend the cage I chose for 3 baby boy rats.   

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A lot of people love the cage you got, and highly recommend it.  For litter in the boxes, you can use asepn, carefresh, Yesterday's News, and other similar products. 

For food, most people use Harlan Teklad, Mazuri, or Oxbow.  The last two can usually be found in pet stores.  You can order the HT online.

I'm not sure what you mean bu the plastic connecting rings.   ???

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I think alot of people use the plastic rings that are made for infants.  I am not sure if you are thinking about the same thing or not. 

As far as diets go, I use suebee's mix.  Here is the link for the ingredients  It's kind of expensive to buy at first, but it lasts for a long time.  My rats never really liked the lab blocks that alot of people on here use.  I never tried the HT though.

It certainly seems like you have every thing you need. As far as the cage, like Topaz said, alot of people have that cage and do recommend that.   As far as bedding goes, I use aspen on the floor of the cage.  It really absorbs the odors really well.  I personally do not like carefresh because it seems to smell bad easily, but it may work out really well in a litter pan.  I can't seem to get my guys to use a litter pan  :doh: 

Good luck with your new boys...and please post pictures when you get them  :poke:

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Yeah I think thats where the rings were originally for. I cant use aspen my brothers allergic.

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i think there are some rings like that that are bird toys too.
or at least that's what it seemed like in the drs. foster & smith bird catalog i got. still not sure why they sent it to me, but there were some pretty cool toys in there

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If you have any problems with allergies and bedding, there is a kind of bedding called Carefresh Ultra, which is pretty much hypo-allergenic. The downside is that it is somewhat expensive.

Or you can use fleece bedding, which is basically several fleece blankets piled on top of each other. The downside is that you have to change it rather often.

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I use Softsorbent for bedding. I get it at Petsmart. It's really great at controlling odor, and for my three girls a bag of it lasts a fair amount of time. It's basically wood pulp left over from thepaper process, but it's been sanitized and stripped of the essential oils that can be harmful to the ratlingers. They also really like piling up and tunneling and sleeping in it because it's nice and soft.
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Hello there and welcome to the wonderful world of ratties!! :BlueDumboSmile:

About the cage you got, a lot of people really love that cage, and it's a good size, so you picked a good one there. :thumbsup2:

About bedding, I tried Carefresh first, and it did NOT absorb odors well at all, got smelly way too fast, not to mention how dusty it was. Next I tried Aspen, but my sensitive little Shadowfax was sneezing like crazy. So any way, after some trial and error, I have found the best bedding for me, which is to line the floor and levels with fleece, and I use unscented Yesterday's News in their litter pan.

Concerning food, at first I bought Mazuri blocks, but my boys didn't seem to like them. So I ordered Harlan Teklad blocks online from Kim's Ark, which they really like. So they get HT regularly, and I also give Suebee's mix about twice a week. Not to mention other healthy foods, like a bit of fresh veggies, and occasionally, some whole wheat bread soaked in olive oil. (Plus, sometimes they get some of what mommy's eating, too... My boys, spoiled?? Naaahhhh..... :cheeky: )

And about all the toys/cage accesories, it sure sounds like you are off to a great start!! And as soon as you get your ratties, don't forget PICS!! :poke: :wink5:

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I had so much fun setting up the cage before my two little guys came home with me two weeks ago. I went with a Martins cage, but many people like the one you purchased as well. You will likely move things around a few times to see what works best. I have the floor lined with plastic and two corner litter boxes filled with carefresh ultra.
Amazingly the boys picked up on litter training quite fast. I just put the pans where they pooped the most and so far so good.
They love the hammocks and are rarely anywhere else. I purchased the lab blocks from The Crafty Rat. It may take some time for them to settle in. I was worried at first, but now they eat almost anything I have to offer; especially vanilla yogurt.
Best of luck!

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I highly recomend the cage you bought. I own one. I have three young females living in it right now that are not yet big enough for the FN.
I recomend yesterdays news. If you go that rought get the kind for cats. It's the same as the ferret and small animal yesterdays news but cheaper. I don't like carefresh very much. it's a bit dusty and can smell really bad.
For food I recomend something like a suebee's mix. It  make my own organic and all natural mix that is really great for the rattie health. Since my rats have been on this mix not one of them has gotten sick. Their weight is perfect and their coats are really clean and shiny. If you want the recipe just ask.
You can get the plastic rings from anyplace like petsmart or petco in the bird section. Petsmart has more of a selection though.

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Re: Getting 3 rats next friday. Is this all I need?(Help choosing bedding)
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 :wave2: Welcome to the forum and the world of rats!  :BlueDumboSmile:

My suggestion for rat diet is also Suebee's Mix, which someone already posted a link for. Whatever you choose, just make sure you're giving them a good lab block or high quality low protien dog food as the staple. STAY AWAY from seed mixes you find at the pet store. Those are high in fat and not good for your rats.  You should also give your rats fresh veggies and fruits.

As for bedding, I use fleece material for the bottom of the cage, and I fill the litter boxes with either Carefresh Ultra or Softsorbent. I like them both. Then when it comes to cage cleaning time, I just take out the fleece, throw it in the washing machine, clean the cage, and put in some more fleece.

I've seen plastic rings in the bird toy section at Petsmart. I've also connected shower curtian rings together.

Hope you enjoy your new pets!  ;D
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