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Step up training?
« on: August 20, 2008, 02:53:31 AM »
I adopted a Quaker a few weeks ago that's not exactly the most social thing in the world.  He wants to be social, just needs some training.  Lately, we've been working mostly on just trying to get him to step up.  His toes are missing the ends for some, and the others barely have nails, so his grip isn't the best which I'm sure is going to make this more ofa  trick.

So far, he's started 'testing' my arm.. I think. If I hold it in front of him, he'll check it out, and do a lot of nibbles on it.  Of course, he'll also start pinching rather hard.  So far I've just been ignoring it, as really any interest in my arm is fine with me.  (Of course, I've also started wearing sleeves to mess with him, maybe that's not the right approach?)  He'll put one leg on my arm, but has yet to fully stand on me.  Progress, though?

Any way to really help him feel more comfortable with it all?  He won't take treats from me, which is either that I haven't found a desireable enough treat, or he'd just rather not take anything from me, so I'm really not even sure how to keep encouraging when he is social.  He gets REALLY excited when you talk to him and open his door (Starts bobbing his head around maniacally.) so I'm sure it's just a matter of being patient, but I wasn't sure if there were some tips or what apart from what I've already read that could help him feel more comfortable, too.