Author Topic: Male, neutered Havana Stewartstown, PA  (Read 4032 times)

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Male, neutered Havana Stewartstown, PA
« on: June 26, 2008, 06:10:46 PM »
Hi all!
Jack is a 4 year old, neutered Havana rabbit who was rescued after being left in an abandoned house with no food or water. Although dehydrated and thin, he recovered and has been fostered for some time now. He is extremely sweet, litter box trained, and very beautiful. His only problem is that he occasionally produces excess Cecotropes, the tiny, soft feces that the rabbit normally consumes. When this happens, Jack's little butt needs to be wiped and then he's fine. We try to keep his bottom shaved so that it doesn't stick quite as bad when it happens. All kinds of vet appointments and diet experiments have still not completely eliminated the problem, so his new family will just have to keep an eye on it to keep him clean and healthy.

Jack would make a fine companion for a lone bunny looking for company. He's extremely laid back, and because he's neutered, I'm sure he'd do well with a boy or girl.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me at Or call me at 717-993-9340
Thank you!!