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Rabbit Questions
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:21:43 PM »
Now I have had 2 rabbits before (when I was in middle/high school, 23 now), but am looking into getting one again, I have 5 rats at the moment. What I am wondering is do they have as many health issues as rats (surgery/tumors respiratory infections etc)? Are there cretin breeds that are more affectionate than others? I know bunny proofing would not be a problem (everything here is rat proofed). Are the water bottles with the spicket ends ok (where they have to move lever with their tung)? The rabbits I had before never liked the wooden block toys, is there a toy that they prefer for chewing, also is cloth bedding ok (what we use for are rats)?

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Re: Rabbit Questions
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2008, 02:33:18 PM »
They don't have as many health problem as rats.  But, the ones they might develop can be a lot more costly then your normal URI with a rat, so keep that in mind.

Certain breeds do have quirks, but for the most part it all depends on how they were socialized, so breed doesn't really matter much at all.

Most rabbits don't understand those kind of water bottles, and their mouths also aren't made to drink from any kind of water bottle, honestly.  Heavy ceramic bowls that are cleaned daily are best for providing water.

I never found rabbits to like wooden blocks or anything like that.  They MUCH prefer boxes and paper towel tubes stuffed with hay.

Cloth bedding is not okay for rabbits.  Most rabbits for some reason equate soft stuff to litterbox, and will use it as such.  They will also dig at it and possibly chew on it, which is very bad if they end up eating it and getting an obstruction.  It's best to use just a regular flat surface (tile, linoleum), or carpet.  Keep in mind that it really isn't recommended to house rabbits in cages - they're best in rabbit-proofed rooms or puppy pens.
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